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[newspaper clipping:]

Brides Are Busy As That Day Approaches

What with their wedding plans and their parties already in full swing, the brides are as busy as the debs and equally in the social spotlight. One of the most brilliant weddings of the season will be that of Eleanor Clemens and Norman Brook Dix. Rumor hath it that Eleanor’s comely bridesmaids (three of them her sisters) will wear pastel shades of lace, and the wedding will have a very Spanish atmosphere what with all the lace.

Eleanor’s wedding jewels will include a very stunning cross of diamonds hanging from a fragile chain of platinum, a gift from her mother-in-law-to-be.

Dan Sullivan IV, son of Dan III, and Margaret Irvin Sullivan will escort little Becky Rogers, the flower girl. Any number of delightful parties have been planned to toast the attractive brunette bride.

Miss Sara Douglas will entertain with a luncheon at her home at 1 o’clock Tuesday in Eleanor’s honor.


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