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The Culvers

Joel Culver (1767)
Mandana Culver (1797)

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Joel Culver (1767-1843)

Deacon Joel Culver, born Oct. 17, 1767, died Dec. 5, 1843, interred Castleton, Vt.
Joel married Priscilla Bliss, who was born June 27, 1770, died April 24, 1837, interred Castleton, Vt.
Joel and Priscilla married April 2, 1789.

Their children and birth dates:
Joanna, Feb. 28, 1790
Asher, Feb. 2, 1792 died, Oct. 27, 1795
Isaac, April 27, 1795
Mandana, July 16, 1797 (married ___ Fisher, widowed; then married George Ward Joy) (Mandana died July 9, 1864 and interred in Poultney VT)
Fanny Bliss, Jan. 4, 1800
Abel Farley, May 23, 1805
John, July 4, 1807
All children born in Castleton.
Removed to Poultney Feb. 14, 1809.

Records are in Castleton and Poultney, Vt.

Notes on Photographs

[handwritten memo:]
The farm house built by Deacon Joel Culver is situated one and three quarters miles down the road which crosses the track directly away from the Hydeville, Vermont station. One quarter of a mile before the farmhouse is reached, at the left of the road is a square, walled, burying ground with the Culver gravestones.

Farm house - Burying ground - Tracks - R.R. Station - Highway from Poultney

[gravestone text:]
Wife of
John Colver
Died April 24, 1837
Aged 67 years

[gravestone text:]
Joel Culver
Died Dec. 5, 1843
Aged 76 years

[handwritten text:]
Deacon Culver is Mrs. J. D. Dix' mother's father.


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House built by Deacon Joel Culver, photo by W.F. Dix 1917

Joel Culver grave

Joel and Priscilla (Bliss) Culver graves

Joel and Priscilla (Bliss) Culver graves (alternate view)

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