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Joel Culver (1767)
Mandana Culver (1797)

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Joel Culver


[handwritten letter (not certain if this is an original or a copy) taped to page; every effort has been made to retain the original spelling:]

My dear kindred one and all I must trouble you again; but in short can inform you that we are all indiferently well all this time. Wish you to wake up and send us some word back by the barer. This is not to be my long vollum, shall note but a few things my wife in her old age has lately joined the Methodist Society - tis no new start, she has been more than a twelve month wrought uppon Perhaps this may injour your mind - but tis what I don't pretend to judge hard uppon one way or the other - two deaths happend in our neabourhood last Sunday - tis not a sickly time with us but people drop away - fifteen deaths has happen in our town since last spring - if it is convenient I wish you to shoe the barer the Village I built there, that my name may not quik be lost - for I find through my weakness in body, and anvanced age, Im not worth making mention of my name - I hope you will find the little time to send me word back as we want hear from you - from your oldest Brother

Francis Colver
July the 23 1806

[handwritten text to left of letter:]

This letter was written by Francis Culver to his brother Deacon Joel Culver of Castleton Vt. The latter was the maternal grandfather of Mrs. Jon E. Dix.

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