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The Dix's

Edward Dix (1616)
John Dix (1640)
John Dix (1672)
John Dix (1702)
Jonathan Dix (1745)
John Dix (1782)
Asa Clapp Dix (~1813)
John Edwin Dix (1816)
Mary Adelaide Dix (1819)
Edwin Augustus Dix (1860)
William Frederick Dix (1867)
Alison Joy Dix (1905)
Tennille Dix (1902)
Norman Brooke Dix (1909)
Eleanor Alice Dix (1941)
Joy Tennille Dix (1947)
Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix (1952)
Ann Alexandra Dix (1957)

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Edward Dix (1616-1660)

Edward Dix was born 1616 and married Jane Wilkinson (who was born 1615). Edward died, July 9, 1660; resided in Watertown Mass. Edward arrived in America in 1635.

Edward Dix embarked at Gravesend Jan. 16, 1635 aged 19 yrs. and in the same vessel came Jane Wilkinson, aged 20 yrs. supposed to have become his wife later. Edward Dix was admitted Freeman May 4, 1635 and his name is in the earliest list of proprietors of Watertown, Mass. He died July 9, 1660 and his will was proved Oct. 2, 1660, in which are mentioned his wife (not named) his son John, Daughter Abigail (Parke), and other daughters not named. His wife Jane was etce [sp.] mother of his children, but he had a 2nd wife Susanna Inventory 299 acres. £254. 3. 10.

Their children:
1. Abigail born May 2, 1637, married Dec. 1, 1653 to Thomas Parke.
2. Mary born May 2, 1639, married Feb 5, 1662 to Abraham Browne Jr.
3. John born Sept. 4, 1640, died Nov. 7, 1704.
4. Rebecca born Feb. 28, 1641, married Feb. 18, 1667 to Thomas Flagg
5. Deborah, said not to be a daughter, but widow of Dix.

(Dixe?) He was a selectman of Watertown, 1650 Constable previous to 1651.

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