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Edward Dix (1616)
John Dix (1640)
John Dix (1672)
John Dix (1702)
Jonathan Dix (1745)
John Dix (1782)
Asa Clapp Dix (~1813)
John Edwin Dix (1816)
Mary Adelaide Dix (1819)
Edwin Augustus Dix (1860)
William Frederick Dix (1867)
Alison Joy Dix (1905)
Tennille Dix (1902)
Norman Brooke Dix (1909)
Eleanor Alice Dix (1941)
Joy Tennille Dix (1947)
Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix (1952)
Ann Alexandra Dix (1957)

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Edwin Augustus (Asa) Dix (1860-1911)

Edwin A. Dix married Marion Alden Olcott, at Cherry Valley, N.Y. on August 15, 1895. His wife was the daughter of Horatio Leonard Olcott and Ella Hampton Jackson whose children were Emma, Marion (born Dec. 30, 1869), Harriet, J. Perry, Horace W., and Julia P. Marion was a descendant of John Alden.

Edwin Augustus Dix (pen name Edwin Asa Dix) was prepared for Princeton at the Newark Latin School. Graduated from Princeton 1881, first in his class with highest mark ever awarded - 98 1/2%. Was Managing Editor "The Lit." Won many prizes for scholarship and the Boudinot Historical Fellowship. Graduated from Columbia Law School 1884 with highest honors. Admitted to N.Y. and N.J. Bar. In 1893 was Literary Editor The Churchman. Later was author of "Deacon Bradbury," "Old Bowen's Legacy," "Prophet's Landing," novels of New England life. He and his wife lived abroad much of the time from 1895 on. He also wrote a history of Champlain. His health was not rigorous but he was seldom ill. He was Secretary of his Class and received a loving cup for his effective work. He was a high minded, cultivated gentleman with many devoted friends. [WFD]

Edwin Augustus Dix, (pen name Edwin Asa Dix) oldest son of John Edwin and Mary Joy Dix was born in Newark, N.J. and was graduated of Princeton June, 1881 with the highest honors - 98 1/2%. First in his class, Latin Salutatorian, Fellow in History and Graduated 1st in class, Columbia Law School, 1884, admitted to N.Y. and N.J. Bar. Tour of the world, 1890-92. Literary Editor The Churchman, N.Y. Author of "Deacon Bradbury," "Old Bower's Legacy" and other novels and a history "Champlain." Contributor of fiction and travel articles to various magazines. Thorough knowledge of the piano and harmony. Composed "A Musical Critic's Dream" played extensively by Sousa's Band. He and his wife spent the last few years of his life traveling, wintering in Egypt, Switzerland, Colorado. He died suddenly in New York City of myocarditis, Aug. 24, 1911. He had no children.

John E. Dix and his son Edwin A. Dix at Niagara Falls about 1872

Mrs. Mary Fisher (Joy) Dix & Edwin A. Dix 1861

Mrs. Mary Fisher (Joy) Dix & Edwin A. ~1863

Mary Fisher (Joy) Dix, Edwin A. & William F. Dix 1870

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