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DanielHudson (1738)
Clarissa Hudson (1785)
Adah Hudson (1778)

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Williams (via Adelaide Dix)
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Daniel Hudson (1738-1821)
spouses: Mary Coe (1745-1787), Dorothy __ (~1745-1807), Abigail Watson (~1759-1834)

Daniel was from Bridgewater CT.
Daniel was a Revolution soldier. Daniel enlisted in 3rd Connecticut Regiment for short term 1779-80 and again enlisted July 1, 1780; when Dec 12, 1780, his term expiring, he was discharged. Ref. Page 180, of "Record of Conn. Men in the War of the Revolution etc." Compiled by the authority of the General assembly.

Daniel and Mary Coe of Middletown, CT, were married in 1766 and had eleven children:
1. Hannah (1767-1xxx)
2. Rhoda (1768-1xxx)
3. Molly (1770-1xxx)
4. Grace (1772-1xxx)
5. Daniel Coe (1774-1xxx)
6. Eunice (1776-1xxx)
7. Adah (1778-1xxx) [see genealogical information below]
8. Barzilia (1780-1xxx)
9. Clarissa (June 1782-Dec. 1782)
10.Sarah (Nov. 1783-Jan. 1784)
11.Clarissa (1785-1879) [see genealogical information below]

Daniel's first wife Mary Coe died in 1787.
Daniel married his second wife Dorothy in 1788; she died in May 1807 at age 62.
Daniel married his third wife Abigail Watson in Dec. 1807.
Daniel died in 1821 at age 83.
Abigail died in 1834 at age 75.

Clarissa Hudson (1785-1879)
spouse: Daniel G. Tuttle
Clarissa married Daniel G. Tuttle in 1806.
Daniel G. Tuttle was born 1786, died 1844.
[For their descendants, see Tuttle family listing.]

Adah Hudson (1778-1866)
spouse: Uriel Tuttle
Adah married the brother of Daniel G. Tuttle (her sister Clarissa's husband).
Adah was born Feb. 8, 1778.
Uriel was born Oct. 13, 1779 and died April 4, 1849. He lived in Torringford, CT.
Adah and Uriel had one child, John Hubbard Tuttle (Dec. 5, 1801-Dec. 31, 1830).

Clarissa Hudson Tuttle and Adah Hudson Tuttle


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