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The Dix's

Edward Dix (1616)
John Dix (1640)
John Dix (1672)
John Dix (1702)
Jonathan Dix (1745)
John Dix (1782)
Asa Clapp Dix (~1813)
John Edwin Dix (1816)
Mary Adelaide Dix (1819)
Edwin Augustus Dix (1860)
William Frederick Dix (1867)
Alison Joy Dix (1905)
Tennille Dix (1902)
Norman Brooke Dix (1909)
Eleanor Alice Dix (1941)
Joy Tennille Dix (1947)
Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix (1952)
Ann Alexandra Dix (1957)

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John Dix (1782-1820)

John Dix, father of John Edwin, was in the shipping business with Capt. John Williams in Portland, Maine. His wife, Mary, was a beautiful woman and considered the belle of Portland. Their oldest son Frederick W. died young. Asa Clapp and his wife Sarah lived in Salem, Mass. He was a merchant and a delightful, old-school gentleman, wearing usually a high silk hat, broadcloth frock coat and carrying a gold headed cane. He had great courtesy, humor, and dignity. He had a son Charles and a daughter Adelaide who both died in early maturity, unmarried. John and Mary Dix also had a daughter, Mary Adelaide who married John H. Williams a judge and lived in Portland. They had 3 sons, John, George and Charles Edwin. John never married. The other two married but had no children. All 3 were businessmen. This Williams family was not related to those on p. 15. Asa C. Dix' wife Sarah died in Salem, Mass. June 11, 1901 in her 80th year.

John Dix was born May 5, 1782, died about 1820.
He married Mary Brown Williams Brazier, a widow who was born November 20, 1782, died October 1819, interred at Gorham [sp.?], Me. [sp.?].

Their children:
1. Frederick Augustus;
2. Asa Clapp [sp.?], born about 1813, died 1896;
3. Mary Adelaide born March 1819 and died in Portland on Feb. 26, 1899. She married Judge Williams. They had 3 sons, John D., George & Chas Edwin Williams;
4. John Edwin

The Family of John and Mary Brazier Dix From an ink or pencil drawing by Henry Williams, brother of Mrs. Dix. Drawn in 1817. The oldest boy is Frederick Agustus, who died young. The small boy is Asa Clapp, who died in Salem, Mass. in 1897. The baby is John Edwin, father of Edwin W. and William Frederick Dix. John E. Dix died in East Orange, N.J. in January, 1901 aged 84.


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