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The Joys

Thomas Joy (~1610)
Joseph Joy (1645)
Joseph Joy (1668)
Jedediah Joy (1703)
Nathaniel Joy (1734)
Nathaniel Joy (1759)
George Ward Joy (1812)
Mary Fisher Joy (1836)
Agnes Elizabeth Winona
Leclercq Joy

Joy Family Scrapbook

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George Ward Joy (1812-1886)

George Ward Joy, born at Glover, Vt. June 30, 1812; died Philadelphia, March 22 1886; interred Baltimore, Md.

George married Mandana Culver, who previously had married Mr. Fisher who died, leaving her a widow with two sons, Henry and Frederick Fisher.

Mandana was born July 16, 1797; died July 9, 1864; interred Poultney, Vt.

George and Mandana's first daughter, Helen Joy, married K.A. [sp.?] Cheney. They had 2 daughters: Alice, born about 1861 (married Enoch Smith of Chicago) and Hattie, born about 1868 (married H.C. Chester).

George and Mandana had a second daughter, Mary Fisher Joy (who married John Edwin Dix). Mary Fisher Joy was born June 13, 1836 in Castleton, Vermont, and died June 2, 1921. She is interred in Newark, NJ.

George and Mandana's 3rd daughter Caroline Ward Joy married G.B. Fogg. Their son, Jon Fogg, lived probably in Virginia.

George had a second wife, Marion Woodford of Maryland; they had a child named Marrion Ward, born Jan. 20 1876[?].

George Ward Joy lived in West Poultney, Vermont and was a carriage maker. Exchanged his property in Vermont for property in Virginia about 1875 and removed to Virginia and later to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

George Ward Joy 1812-1886

George Ward Joy ~1854

Mrs. George Ward Joy (Mandana Culver (Fisher)

John Joy, brother of George Ward Joy, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Ward) Joy

Home of George Ward Joy in W. Poultney VT, photo by W.F. Dix June 1917

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