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The Tuttles

William Tuttle (1609)
John Tuttle (1631)
Jonathan Tuttle (1637)
Samuel Tuttle (1659)
Rebecca Tuttle (1664)
Josiah Tuttle (1691)
Jehial Tuttle (1729)
Isaiah Tuttle (1753)
Daniel G. Tuttle (1786)
George Hudson Tuttle (1815)
Clara Tuttle (1847)

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William Tuttle (1609-1673)

Spouse: Elizabeth (1612-1684)
William arrived from England on the ship "Planter" in 1635 and settled in New Haven, CT.
William and Elizabeth had twelve children, of whom John (1631-1683) was the eldest. Their fourth son, Jonathan (1637-1705), married Rebecca Bell who was the daughter of Lieut. Francis and Rebecca Bell (Francis was one of the 29 settlers of Stamford, CT).

William Tuttle 1609-1673. The immigrant and founder of the Tuttle family in America with his wife Elizabeth and three young children came to America on the ship "Planter" in 1635 settling at Boston whence he removed to Charlestown, Mass. and thence to Quinepiac [sp.?] later known as New Haven. Here he was for many years a prominent man in the community and his name is often mentioned in the Colonial Records of Massachusetts, of New Haven and of Connecticut. He was a "husbandman" in England, or one who cultivates his own lands and in a petition on file in the Secretary of State's office in Boston he is called a merchant. He seems to have always been a considerable owner of lands and his "homestead" for some years previous to his death and that of his widow afterwards subsequently became the property of the Collegiate School which in 1718 received the name of Yale College and on this land was built the first structure of that college. South College and the Athen stand on the plot. William Tuttle doubtless did his share of military duty as we find him referred to as a sentinel at New Haven. He is invariably mentioned as Mr. Tuttle, a designation which at that time meant something. From his twelve children all of whom reached maturity have descended a great multitude among whom are many of the greatest names of the country. George Hudson Tuttle's descent is through two of his sons, John the 1st and Jonathan the 4th son.


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