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William Frederick Dix (1867)
Alison Joy Dix (1905)
Tennille Dix (1902)
Norman Brooke Dix (1909)
Eleanor Alice Dix (1941)
Joy Tennille Dix (1947)
Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix (1952)
Ann Alexandra Dix (1957)

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William Frederick Dix (1867-1945)

William Frederick Dix was born Nov. 18, 1867 in Newark, N.J.

He married Mary Alice Tennille, who was born Dec. 18, 1870; they married on June 2, 1900 in East Orange, N.J.

Their children:
1. Tennille born Nov. 21, 1902

2. Alison Joy, born Nov. 3, 1905
3. Norman Brooke, born Oct. 19, 1909.

Tennille was born at 123 Harrison St., Alison & Norman at 177 Harrison St., East Orange, N.J.

William was a graduate of Princeton where he formed a warm friendship with Woodrow Wilson, then president of the University. After graduation, William went on a world tour, returning after two years to devote himself to writing. He was the author of three novels: "The Face in the Girandole", "The Lost Princess" and "Daphne of the Forest". He collaborated on Man and the Two Worlds, a book of religious philosphy.

In 1894 William became literary editor of The Churchman, and in 1900 was one of the founding editors of The Home Journal, later named Town and Country. He resigned as editor in 1906 to become secretary of the Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Through President Wilson, in 1918, William was appointed Consul General in New York to Montenegro, a position he held through 1921. For two years he was Charge d'Affaires of Montenegro in Legation in Washington until Montenergro was abosorbed into Yugoslavia.

For his services to Montengro, William received the Grand Cross of the Order of Danilo I, the hightest order of Montengro knighthood, from King Nicholas.

William is a former trustee of Adelphi College, Brooklyn governor and deputy governor of The Society of Colonial Wars, State of New Jersey. He was a captain in the East Orange Rifles and colonel in the New York Police Reserves.

William's home at 235 Tillou Road resembled a museum. It housed one of the finest collections of armor and weapons in the country. It was filled with hand-carved brasses, old Spanish chests and many other rarities that delight the eyes of a connesseur. To William, they have a special significance as he made most of the collections himself, in numerous tours to strange and unfrequented sections of the world.

Versitality was the keynote of William's makeup.

Before moving to his South Orange home, he lived on Washington Street, East Orange. He was born in Newark in 1867 into an old and distinguished family. He is the eighth generation of Dix's in this country.

William's brother Edwin was an author as well of many novels.

William's eldest son, Tennille, was killed in an airplane crash in Morocco while on his honeymoon and his bride was killed with him.

He was at one time trustee of Adelphi College, Brooklyn. He was the trustee and treasurer of the Carnegie Fund. He was treasurer of the Authors Club of America. Other clubs were Princeton, Westhampton Country, Orange Lawn Tennis, Crystal Lake Skating and Rock Spring Country.

William passed away at his summer home in Westhampton Beach, L.I. on Sept. 10, 1945 of cerebral hemorrhage.


W. F. Dix on returning from a trip around the world, June 1892

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Mrs. Mary Alice Tennille Dix at time of marriage

Mary Fish (Joy) Dix, Edwin A. & William F. Dix 1870

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Tillou Road, South Orange, N.J. Home of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Dix and family, purchased about 1920.

Mr. and Mrs. William Frederick Dix and Norman B. Dix 1938 at Westhampton Beach, N.Y.and "Tino"

"Windward" Summer home of Mr. and Mrs. William Frederick Dix at Westhampton Beach, Long Island N.Y. September 1938 just before the great Hurricane - of Sept 21 - 1938

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