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The Wilsons

Robert Wilson (1xxx)
Samuel Wilson (1xxx)
John Wilson (1686)
Amos Wilson (17xx)
Ruth Wilson (1754)

The Wilson-Grant Connection

Matthew Grant (1xxx)
Samuel Grant (1631)
Matthew Grant (1666)
William Grant (1706)
Zerviah Grant (1731)

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Williams (via Adelaide Dix)
Williams (via Mary B. B. Dix)

Robert Wilson (1xxx-1xxx)
spouse: Elizabeth Stebbins

Samuel Wilson (1xxx-1xxx)
Spouse: Mary Griffin

John Wilson (1686-1774)
spouse: Mary Marshall (1xxx-1772)

Amos Wilson (17xx-1xxx)
spouses: Zerviah Grant (1731-1776), Damaris Bailey (17xx-1792)

Capt. Amos Wilson: Captain of the 8th company of the 2nd (Col. Gay's) Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade raised Jan. 1776 to reinforce Washington at New York. Served at the Brooklyn front just before and at the battle of Long Island August 27th; in the retreat to N.Y. Aug 29-30, in retreat from N.Y. City Sept 15, with main army at White Plains. Time expired Dec 25, 1776. Ref. page 396, Record of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution, War of 1812 and Mexican War. Hartford 1889. Compiled by Anthony of the General Assembly. (Book is in Lenox Library, N.Y. City)

Amos Wilson residence Torringford, CT.

Zerviah Grant's great-great grandfather Matthew Grant also was the great-great grandfather of General Ulysses S. Grant [see genealogical information below]

Amos Wilson's children with Zerviah:
1. William (1753-1754)
2. Ruth (1754-1838)
3. Roger (1756-1xxx)
4. Roswell (1758-1758)
2nd wife Damaris Bailey

Amos Wilson married Damaris Bailey Aug. 19, 1777.
Amos Wilson's children with Damaris:
1. Amos (1778-1xxx)
2. Roswell (17xx-1xxx)

Ruth Wilson (1754-1838)
spouse: Isaiah Tuttle


The Willson-Grant Connection

Matthew Grant (1xxx-1xxx)
spouse: Priscilla
Matthew was the great-great grandfather of General Ulysses S. Grant
One of Matthew and Priscilla's children was Samuel, born 1631

Samuel Grant (1631-1xxx)
spouse: Mary Porter
Samuel was born in Dorchester, England
One of Samuel and Mary's children was Matthew, born 1666

Matthew Grant (1666-1xxx)
spouse: Hanna Chap???
One of Matthew and Hanna's children was William, born 1706

William Grant (1706-1786)
spouse: Sarah (1xxx-1791)
One of William and Sarah's children was Zerviah Grant (1731-1776)

Zerviah Grant (1731-1776)
spouse: Amos Wilson (17xx-1xxx)



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