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William Alexander Tennille

Letter April 24 1862 to sister Caroline (Mrs. Oliver Anthony)

[envelope containing a letter; the envelope contains a stamp of a cannon and confederate flag in the upper right corner; to the right of this is printed text:]

Stand firmly by your cannon,
Let ball and grape shot fly,
And trust in God and Davis,
But keep your powder dry.

[upper right of envelope has two identical stamps with the words "Confederate States" and "Five Cents"; the envelope contains handwritten text:]

Mrs. Oliver Anthony
Fort Gaines

[the letter inside the envelope contains handwritten text:]

Camp on the Peninsula Va
April 24th 1862

Dear Sister,

I write at present to keep you in some sort informed of our movements and to assure you of the safety of those in whose destiny you are most interested. As you already know I did not come with the Regiment from Orange to this point. I met Doch in Richmond.

I left a portion of my wagon train in Richmond under charge of [?] Sergt. Ray and I came on to Williamsburg there I remained about a day left two of my wagons and came over with the remainder of the train to this point a camp where the Commissary Parter Master and a few men detailed to cook for the Regt. remain. The Regt. is kept almost continually in the trenches. The boys are having a pretty rough time of it but none of ours hurt as yet. Poor Westley McCorain [sp.?] died in the trenches some days ago from what cause I do not know.

Our company stood the fire fine [?] the little fight which occurred on our line some week or so ago. One or two from almost every other company couldn't stand the "racket" and left; not one of the Guards moved. Frank is well and in pretty good spirits - Doch is also well and rather anxious for an advance on our part.

Col. Turnipseed is not well but is with the Regt when the weather is good during the day. He is now our Col. - Mawyer [sp.?] is our Lt. Col. and Jones our Major.

I am sorry to hear through Cousin Leila's letter to Doch of Wash Johnston's condition and hope he will recover soon. I hear that Savannah has fallen. I hope Ft. Gaines won't.

Pleasant Watts went off to the Hospital a few days ago sick with Diarrhea.

I can't tell when this will reach you the mails are quite irregular.

Write soon and frequently I am anxious to hear from you.

My love to Pa Abbie Cousin Leila all my relatives and to any friend who may seem interested in my well-fare.

Your brother,
W.A. Tennille

Still direct your letters to Richmond.
Where is Mr. Anthony, I desire very much to hear of him.




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