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William Alexander Tennille

Savannah Morning News:
Wednesday, April 27, 1904.

Crosses of Honor for Eighteen Veterans.
Beautiful Ceremony at Memorial Exercises Last Night.

One of the most stirring features of the programme of the Memorial Day celebration was the presentation of the Confederate Crosses of Honor to eighteen Confederate Veterans. This number immediately followed the address of Hon. William Harden, at the Guards' Hall last night.

Mrs. J.W. Daniel, acting-president of the Daughters of the Confederacy, Mrs. L.W. Dupont, secretary of the chapter, Mrs. Barron Carter, daughter of the late Judge Robert Falligant; Miss Elizabeth McLaws, daughter of Gen. Lafayette McLaws; Miss Marie Dreese, daughter of Veteran H.E. Dreese, and Miss Winona Saussy, daughter of Commander Clement Saussy of Lafayette McLaws Camp, composed the committee which had charge of the presentation.

Capt. L.G. Young, who was presiding over the Memorial Day service, took the center of the platform and called the eighteen veterans who were to be honored. As each name was called, the veteran rose from his seat in the audience and amid vigorous applause, marched proudly to the front of the hall, where the bronze medal of honor, bravery and patriotism, was pinned upon his coat by one of the committee.

The following veterans were presented with Crosses of Honor: Messrs. John J. Carson, William Eatman, R.J. Groover, Adam Heller, F.W. Hazlehurst, Samuel T. Izler, Seaborn E. Jones, Walter S. King, A.R. Launey, Edward F. Lovell, Paul E. Masters[,] Hanford McIver, John J. Stoddard, H.M. Stoddard, F.R. Tarver, S.B. Woodberry, G.W. Waters, and W.A. Tennille.

The sight was an impressive one and several times the audience, as the veterans were returning to their seats, showered them with applause. The crosses themselves, wide in their significance and emblematic of heroism, bravery, patriotism, and unselfishness, are held by the veterans as among their dearest possessions.



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