elcome to a wonderful journey through time, family, history, and culture. Welcome to stories of joy, love, heartbreak, tragedy, resilience, challenge, strength, and survival. Welcome to the Dix-Clemens family archives.

I am a daughter of a Dix father and Clemens mother. As I write this, I am in my second half-century. In my first 50 years, I often wondered about my ancestors and particularly if there were any other black sheep out there like me.

When relatives pass on, their stories are often lost, and future generations forever lose the knowledge of their heritage. I became inspired to assemble and preserve our existing family records and photographs. My goal is to present these histories in a format that both entertains and offers a structure that invites contributions from future generations.

If you are reading this genealogy and discover that you have a blood connection of some sort to any of this lineage, please contact me. This web site is an ongoing labor of love, and I will continue to add information to it on a periodic basis.

No matter who you are, I hope that spending some time with these pages will add to your own desire to know how you arrived at this moment, and who helped to get you here.

As to my personal search for black sheep, please enjoy this website and decide for yourself!

Elizabeth Gabriel Brooke
Born Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix

November 2002

Acknowledgements I am particularly grateful to my mother's first cousin Bryden Hyde (via his son Stephen Hyde) for the Bordley lineage; my grandmother Mary Alice Tennille Dix; and my aunt Leilani Rogers Gary for providing the bulk of the material from which I assembled this web archive. To my immediate family, relatives, and their offspring, I thank you in advance for helping me to grow this site by sending me updates on your current events and your photos. Last but not least, I thank my father Norman Dix and my mother Eleanor Clemens for putting me on this magnificent earth in the first place. I know at times you got more than you bargained for. I love and honor you all. Copyright 2002 Elizabeth Brooke,