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William Bordley (15xx)
William Bordley (1605)
Stephen Bordley, Sr. (1637)
John Hynson (1645)
William Bordley (1667)
Stephen Bordley, Jr. (1674)
Thomas Bordley (1677)
Stephen Bordley (1709)
John B. Bordley (1727)
Stephen Bordley "Jr" (1732)
Judge James Bordley (1736)
Elizabeth Bordley (1777)
John B. Bordley (1800)
William C. Bordley, Jr. (1800)
James Bordley (1808)
James Bordley (1846)
Madison B. Bordley (1873)
James Bordley, Jr. (1874)
James Bordley, III (1900)
John E. Bordley (1902)
Bryden Bordley Hyde (1914)
Madison B. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Marcello W. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Robert AJ Bordley (1918)
Dr. James Bordley, IV (1942)

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[The contents of the Bordley section is transcribed from is transcribed from BORDLEY PEDIGREE compiled by Bryden Bordley Hyde. The source document notes the following: "Thanks are due to T. Ian Roberts, Esq. of Leeds, Yorkshire, to Miss Margaret McCollum, Asst. Keeper, Dept. of Paleography & Diplomatic, U. of Durha[m], to Mr. Roy Huddleston of Hove, W. Sussex, to Margaret E. Wilson, Ph.D., Durham, and to Mr. John West, Hawkshead School Museum, Cumbria."]

William Bordley (15xx-1611)
spouse: Elizabeth Foster (1588-16xx)

William Bordley (1605-1669)
spouses: Susanna Smithies, Agnes Burrow

Rev. Stephen Bordley, Sr. (1637-1695)
spouse: Margaret Colston

Col. John Hynson (c. 1645-1705)
spouses: Rachel ____; Ann ____ (widow, previous spouse ___ Jonathan Grafton))

Rev. William Bordley (1667-1741)
spouse: Anne Furthergill

Rev. Stephen Bordley, Jr. (1674-1709)
spouse: Ann Hynson

Hon. Thomas Bordley (1677-1726)
spouses: Rachel Beard, Ariana Vanderheyden

Hon. Stephen Bordley (1709-1764)
spouse: none

Judge John Beale Bordley (1727-1804)
spouse: [first spouse unknown]; Sarah Fishbourne

Stephen Bordley "Jr" (1732-1771)
spouse: Hannah Bowers

Judge James Bordley (1736-1793)
spouse: ?

Elizabeth Bordley (1777-1863)
spouse: James Gibson

John Beale Bordley (1800-1882)
spouse: ?

William Clayton Bordley, Jr. (1800-1883)
spouses: Mary Heritage; Amelia Heritage

Dr. James Bordley (1808-1872)
spouses: Marcella Worthington Mummey; Nannie Nichols

Dr. James Bordley (1846-1904)
spouses: Henrietta Chamberlaine; Ella Fassett Brown

Madison Brown Bordley (1873-1937)
spouse: Helen Elizabeth Brown

Dr. James Bordley, Jr. (1874-1956)
spouse: Margaretta Carroll Hollyday

Dr. James Bordley, III (1900-1979)
spouse: Julia Peabody Ross

Dr. John Earle Bordley (1902- )

Bryden Bordley Hyde (1914-2002)
spouse: Diana Caroline Smith
[NOTE connection to Clemens here]

Madison Brown Bordley, Jr. (1915- )
spouse: ?

Col. Marcello Worthington Bordley, Jr. (1915- )
spouse: Dale Wickham

Robert Austin Joseph Bordley (1918- )
spouse: Martha Ann Robinson

Dr. James Bordley, IV (1942- )
spouse: ?


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