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Letter from Bryden Bordley Hyde to Eleanor & Norman Dix October 3, 1967

[one-page handwritten letter (written on both sides) with printed letterhead:]

1025 Saint Paul Street Baltimore, Maryland 20202 727-3944

3 Oct 67

Dear Eleanor & Norman

Diana & I will be in Detroit for next week. I enclose Midwest Antiques Forum Schedule. I speak on Oct. 9th.

We wrote Douglas Dow our cousin through Bryden family that we hoped to see him. I sent a copy to Cousin Bryden Dow, his son and then remembered that he lives near you in New York City. He married Sally or Sallie Read and they live at

428 E. 85th New York 28
Telephone: YU 8-9120

This is a 1963 address so you might check it in phone book. And if you do not know them yet why not give them a buzz and meet them. His grandfather, Alex Dow, was Pres. & Chairman of Detroit Edison Electric Co. I visited him & cousin Vira [sp.?] in Ann Arbor, Mich in the ‘30’s. They were friends of the Fords, etc.

Love to all,
Bryden (Over)

Elizabeth is making her debut at Bachelors Cotillion here on Dec 1st. She is a freshman math major at Bucknell. Stephen is a jr. at The Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia, Anne still at Bryn Mawr School & Jonathan at Gilman (where your father & uncle Buddy went)


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