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William Bordley (15xx)
William Bordley (1605)
Stephen Bordley, Sr. (1637)
John Hynson (1645)
William Bordley (1667)
Stephen Bordley, Jr. (1674)
Thomas Bordley (1677)
Stephen Bordley (1709)
John B. Bordley (1727)
Stephen Bordley "Jr" (1732)
Judge James Bordley (1736)
Elizabeth Bordley (1777)
John B. Bordley (1800)
William C. Bordley, Jr. (1800)
James Bordley (1808)
James Bordley (1846)
Madison B. Bordley (1873)
James Bordley, Jr. (1874)
James Bordley, III (1900)
John E. Bordley (1902)
Bryden Bordley Hyde (1914)
Madison B. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Marcello W. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Robert AJ Bordley (1918)
Dr. James Bordley, IV (1942)

 William Bordley (1605-1669) Headmaster
Hawkshead Grammar School, N. Lancs.

Christened at Giggleswick Church, son of William Bordley of Rathmell (d.1611) and Elizabeth Foster (b.1588) of Richard. Probably attended Giggleswick School and Christ’s College, Cambridge (his father left funds for his education, and John Carr in 1615 gave scholarship funds at Giggleswick School for students to Christ’s Coll. Camb.) (Venn’s Alumni Cantabrigiensis does not list him but Dr. Edw. A. Carson, Christ’s Coll. Archivist in 1985, found records of a Stephen Bordley there and though it may be Wm.) Wm. was a master at Tunstall School, Lancs. 1630-47 and there married Susanna Smithies 1630. Wm. was Headmaster, Hawkshead Grammar School 1647-69 (Founded 1585, now a Museum). They had 4 children. All died infants except Rev. Stephen Bordley, Sr. (1637-1695) B.A. & M.A. Christ’s, Camb. Susanna buried 1661 Hawkshead. Wm. married 2nd, Agnes Burrow 1664 (Bur. 1714, Lancaster) and they had Bridget who died an infant and Rev. Wm. Bordley (1667-1741) B.A. & M.A. St. Johns, Camb. Headmaster Lancaster Grammar School 1690-1708); Vicar, Hawkshead 1720-41.
(Note: Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond, mother of Henry VII founded both Christ’s and St. John’s at Cambridge)

(See Hist. of Tunstall by Col. C.H. Chippindell, Chetham Soc. 1940 for Wm. Bordley 1605-1669 and his progeny pp13-14).


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