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William Bordley (15xx)
William Bordley (1605)
Stephen Bordley, Sr. (1637)
John Hynson (1645)
William Bordley (1667)
Stephen Bordley, Jr. (1674)
Thomas Bordley (1677)
Stephen Bordley (1709)
John B. Bordley (1727)
Stephen Bordley "Jr" (1732)
Judge James Bordley (1736)
Elizabeth Bordley (1777)
John B. Bordley (1800)
William C. Bordley, Jr. (1800)
James Bordley (1808)
James Bordley (1846)
Madison B. Bordley (1873)
James Bordley, Jr. (1874)
James Bordley, III (1900)
John E. Bordley (1902)
Bryden Bordley Hyde (1914)
Madison B. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Marcello W. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Robert AJ Bordley (1918)
Dr. James Bordley, IV (1942)

 Hon. Thomas Bordley (1677-1726)

Born 16 May 1677, in South Shields, Durham, where his father Rev. Stephen Bordley Sr. (1637-1695) was curate of St. Hildas Church 1660-89 (the date of his birth has been wrong in all publications; it is clearly shown in church register and Mormon I.G.I. copy). Probably read law in England before coming to Maryland in 1696 with his older brother Rev. Stephen Bordley Jr. (1674-1709), married 1708 Rachel Beard of Richard of Annapolis. He built the 5 part brick BORDLEY-RANDALL-WEEMS Mansion in Annapolis c.1718. Their four children included Hon. Stephen Bordley (1709-64) Rachel died 1722. Thomas married 2nd in 1723 Ariana Vanderheyden of Matthias of N.Y. and Md., and had three sons including Judge John Beale Bordley (1727-1804). He became a leading lawyer, practicing in the following: Provincial Court 1704, A.A. Co. Court 1709; Court of Chancery 1712; Prince Georges Co. Court 1712. Served in Lower House of Md Legislature (see Papenfuse) 1708-11; Appointed to Council 1719; Upper House 1720-21; Lower House 1722-24. He served as clerk, Secretary’s Office and Provincial Court 1703-1707; Clerk, Committees of Lower House 1704-14; Clerk Prerogative Office 1708-12; Surveyor General, Western Shore, 1717-18; Attorney General of Md. 1718-21; Commissary General 1718-21; Council 1720-21. He was clerk for A.A. Co. 1703-8 on St. Annes Vestry 1712-15, 1718-22; Recorder, Annapolis 1721-26. He became a leader of the "Country" party against the Proprietary interests in early 1720’s which incurred the anger of Charles Calvert and his dismissal from the Council 1721. He espoused publicizing the actions of the Assembly by printing legislative proceedings, edited "The Charter of Md. Together with Debates and Proceedings of the Assembly 1722-23, 1724" (Phila. 1725) and was instrumental in bringing the printer, Wm. Parks, to Annapolis 1726. He died with 19 slaves, 6 servants, 100 law books and over 7500 acres of land. He died on Oct 11, 1726 in London under an operation for "The Stone", and was buried near his father at St. Mary’s Newington, Surrey. His portrait by Gustaves Hessilius is at Md. Historical Society, Another, by John Wollaston, at Gov. Wm. Paca House, Annapolis.



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