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William Bordley (15xx)
William Bordley (1605)
Stephen Bordley, Sr. (1637)
John Hynson (1645)
William Bordley (1667)
Stephen Bordley, Jr. (1674)
Thomas Bordley (1677)
Stephen Bordley (1709)
John B. Bordley (1727)
Stephen Bordley "Jr" (1732)
Judge James Bordley (1736)
Elizabeth Bordley (1777)
John B. Bordley (1800)
William C. Bordley, Jr. (1800)
James Bordley (1808)
James Bordley (1846)
Madison B. Bordley (1873)
James Bordley, Jr. (1874)
James Bordley, III (1900)
John E. Bordley (1902)
Bryden Bordley Hyde (1914)
Madison B. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Marcello W. Bordley, Jr. (1915)
Robert AJ Bordley (1918)
Dr. James Bordley, IV (1942)


Letter from Bryden B. Hyde to "cousin" December 15, 1990

[one-page typed document with signature:]

15 December 1990.

RE: Bordley Pedigree

Dear Cousin:

This Bordley Pedigree is the result of many hours of research here and in England, and with the help of several genealogists there, and three trips to England. Also with assistance of various relatives who have sent me their lines. There are undoubtedly errors and omissions, but this is an honest effort with the material at hand.

As you can see the family has produced an interesting group. The blank columns are for your additions to lines now, or in future, or additional biographies.

The cost of having the whole 24"x48” sheet reproduced in color was prohibitive so I colored up the coats of arms and had this area only (7-3/4"xl6-5/8") printed in color as an overlay.

The Pedigree is on acid-free paper, the mailing tube is not, so if you keep it in the roll wrap it in acid free paper to prevent staining. You can have it framed with or without overlay, or dry mounted on 1/4" white "Gatorfoam" board, with or without overlay, drill small holes in upper corners and hang it by brads on a door. (Either flaunt it, or hang it behind the door). It will thus be easily removable to read in better light. They are $12.00 for the pedigree, plus $8.00 for the color overlay.

More copies are available from Maryland Genealogical Society 201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. (By mail or by appointment 301-685-3750, or from me (301) 255-1991.

Best Regards,

Sincerely yours,
Bryden B. Hyde P.O. Box 123
Gibson Island, Maryland 21056
(301) 255-1991


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