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Letter from Benjamin Tennille to Dr. Alexander St. Clair Tennille

[text of recently handwritten copy of original letter, which is not available for proofreading comparison; the copier notes that "Sandy" is Dr. Alexander St. Clair Tennille; the copier also notes: "letter to Dr. Alexander St. Clair Tennille, Pontitoe, Chickisaw Nations, State of Mississippi. From Benjamin Tennille, son of Benjamin Tennille who was brother of Francis Tennille, A. S. C. T.'s father. Original letters are in the Old Tennille Leather Trunk. Benjamin writes about the battle against Santa Anna.":]

23rd March 1836

Dear Sandy,

Yours in answer to mine of the 14th December (to which you have affixed no date) came to my hands this moment and as I was just mounting my horse to join the Army at Gonzales it is only in my promise to devote five minutes to write this note. Ere this you will no doubt hear of the fall of San Antonio and the fate of the Americans in the Alamo (fort), they have all perished one hundred and eighty in number.

Santa Anna has about six thousand troops now in Texas and threatens the country with entire extermination. But before three weeks we will show him that Texas has more than one hundred and eighty men. We intend to give them hell. Davy Crockett was killed at San Antonio - said the report.

Texas has declared Independence. I have not time to write more now.

Your friend and cousin,
Benj. Tennille

P.S. I saw your friend and pastor Mr. Walker in N.O. and would have written to you from there but was taken sick & am only convalescent at this time. I am glad to hear William is re-elected.



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