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The Tennilles

Francis Tennille (1747)
William A. Tennille (1792)
Francis T. Tennille (1799)
William A. Tennille (1840)
Mary A. Tennille (1870)
George F. Tennille (1873)
William A. Tennille, Jr. (1877)

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William Augustus Tennille

spouse: Priscilla Jordan
William Augustus was a colonel and Secretary of State of Georgia.
William and Priscilla had a daughter:
1. Winifred T. (who married Col. Joseph Patterson of Columbus, GA)

Winifred Haynie Tennille called the most beautiful woman in Georgia married Col. Joseph Patterson. They had one son, William Tennille Patterson killed at the battle of Chickmauga.

Winifred H. Tennille's father and mother were Col. William Augustus Tennille 1792-1864 and Priscilla Jordan. Col. R.S. Warthen [sp.?] of Georgia writes in 1893 that Col. W.A.T. visited his father about 1840. He had lost his right arm in Indian wars and wrote a back hand with his left hand, this hand writing is on public documents when he was Secretary of State of Georgia. Mr. Warthen's father tells of deer hunting with him when Col. Tennille would handle his horse and shoot a deer at a run as well as those who had both hands.

Winifred Haynie Tennille


Col. Joseph Patterson of Columbus GA, husband of Winifred Haynie Tennille


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