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William A. Tennille, Jr. (1877)

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Letter from William A. Tennille to Macon Warthen, Sr.

[carbon copy of one page letter:]

77 Carnegie Avenue
East Orange, N. J.
August 13, 1902

Mr. Macon Warthen, Sr.
Warthen, Ga.

Dear Sir:

I have been delayed in sending you an account of the Tennille family, by my wish to include, as you requested, what I could with regard to the Dixons, the family of my paternal grandmother. This has involved considerable correspondence and consumed more time than I anticipated. The Tennilles, Dixons and Bacons were all from Virginia, the latter being descended from General Nathaniel Bacon, an interesting character in the early history of Virginia. I am in considerable doubt whether you will not find my record, imperfect as it is, too lengthy for your purpose. If so you can either return it to me for revision or you can yourself cut out any surplusage.

I have used your information with regard to Benjamin Tennille, the brother of Colonel Francis, as I have nothing in the way of a record about him. In addition to what I have written in my paper about Benjamin, the younger, I may say that he is mentioned in another old letter as being reported to be a very wealthy man. This same letter says that the writer heard that there was in Texas also a Judge Tennille, supposed to be an uncle of Benjamin, but as this was in 1836 or thereabouts he could not well have been an uncle.

I am informed that Col. George W. Jordan has sent you a record of the Jordans. I shall be glad to hear from you whether my account is satisfactory. By correspondence more could be added as to living descendants if desirable.

With kind regards to your brothers, I am

Very truly yours,
[ signed ] William A. Tennille



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