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The Dixons

__ Dixon (1xxx)
Henry Dixon (1xxx)
Robert Dixon (1xxx)
Mary Bacon Dixon (1774)
Henry Dixon (1771)
Robert Harry [sp.?] Dixon (1800)
John Lyddell Dixon (1806)
Mary Jane Dixon (18xx)

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Williams (via Adelaide Dix)
Williams (via Mary B. B. Dix)

__ Dixon (1xxx-1xxx)
spouse: ___
1. Mary, who married Hugh Hall (their children were Elizabeth, who married Charles Hines; Hugh; Dixon; Bolling, and James who became a Reverend), and then had a second marriage to Judge Simon Samuel Seward (their children were Polly Dixon and William H., whose son of the same name lived in N.Y.);
2. Aurelia;
3. Henry of Virginia [see genealogical information below];
4. John (who became a Reverend);
5. Robert.

Henry Dixon (1xxx-1xxx)
spouse: Elizabeth Abernathy
Elizabeth Abernathy lived in Wales, England, and Virginia
1. Col. Henry of Ky.
2. Elizabeth (married Lewis)
3. Susannah (married Joseph Turner)
4. Capt. David of N.C. (note: David was the grandfather of the author Thomas Dixon, who wrote "The Leopard's Spots")
5. Robert [see genealogical information below]

Robert Dixon (1xxx-1791)
spouse: Ann Bacon
Robert Dixon lived in Virginia and Augusta, Georgia; he was in Commissary Dept., Revolution; he was in the Quartermaster's Department during the Revolutionary War.
Ann Bacon was born 1745.
Robert and Ann married in 1764.
1. John Lyddell
2. Tillman (whose children were (1) Col. Frank of Texas; (2) Elizabeth (Conally) of Texas; (3) Roger (who became a doctor))
3. Nancy (married Gardiner; 2nd husband Estes) (no children from either marriage; died at age of 103)
4. Sarah (married Spence)
5. Mary Bacon [see genealogical information below]
6. Mrs. McDonald (whose child was Mrs. McMurray) (note: Augusta McMurray probably granddaughter of Robert and Ann B. Dixon's 6th child, lived at home of Francis T. Tennille)
7. Caroline (married Raleigh Holt)
8. Henry born 1771 [see genealogical information below].

Mary Bacon Dixon (1774-1848)
spouse: Lt. Col. Francis Tennille
Mary Bacon Dixon was born in Virginia and died in Georgia.
[see Tennille for descendants]

Henry Dixon (1771-18xx)
spouse: Martha Hall Hines ("Patsy")
1. Eliza (Mahone)
2. Robert Harry [sp.?] born 1800 [see genealogical information below]
3. Mary Bacon (married Yarbrough)
4. Tillman
5. Martha (married Absolum Bedsee [sp.?])
6. John Lydell born 1806 [see genealogical information below]

Robert Harry [sp.?] Dixon (1800-18xx)
spouse: Martha Marshall
1. Mrs. Raines
2. Johnson
3. Roluch [sp.?]
4. Emmet [handwritten note (generational accuracy questioned): "Emmet Dixon grandson of Robert D. and Ann Bacon, son of Henry and Martha (Patsy) Hall Hines was killed at Richmond during the Civil War. His widow lived in Hoboken after his death. Their children: Daniel; Adelle (married Fred Little); & Robert Emmet."]

John Lyddell Dixon (1806-1xxx)
spouse: Elizabeth Gorley
John was a member of the Georgia legislature.
1. Alexander Preston
2. Emmet (became a doctor)
3. John Tillman (became a doctor; was a Lieut. in Civil War)
4. Martha
5. Henry
6. Mary Jane [see genealogical information below]

Mary Jane Dixon (18xx-1xx)
spouse: Joshua S. Rendu [sp.?]
1. Elizabeth (married A. Dallis)
2. James (married McGehee [sp.?])



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