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The Jordans

John Jordan (1xxx)
Mary Jordan (1804)
Britton Jordan (1787)
Ann Bell Jordan (1815)

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John Jordan (1xxx-1xxx)
spouse: Winifred ____

Family records indicate that John was born June 18, 1787; however, this cannot be correct.
John enlisted from Virginia, 1776 as bombardier in Capt. Pendleton's Company of Artillery. He was a prisoner of the British on a prison ship, for 3 months, 17 days. He fought in the defense of Savannah Ga.
John's wife, Winifred, died July 6, 1847.
John and Winifred's children were:
1. Britton (1787-1826)
2, Greenhill
3. Priscilla - married William Augustus Tennille, the second child of Lieut. Col. Francis Tennille
4. Patience - married __ Saffold
5. Burwell
6. John
7. Mary (1804-1xxx) - married John Newton
Priscilla married William Augustus Tennille 2nd child of Lieut. Col. Francis Tennille

Mary Jordan (1804-1xxx)
spouse: John Newton

Mary was born July 2 1804.
In 1889, she was awarded a pension as a result of her father John's service in the Revolutionary war.
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Britton Jordan (1787-1826)
spouse: Margaret Josey Bell (1796-18xx)

Lived in Washington County, GA.
Margaret was born Dec. 18, 1796; she was the daughter of John and Olivia T. Bell
Britton and Margaret were married 1813.
Their children:
1. Ann Bell Jordan (1815-1848) - married Francis Tillman Tennille
2. George W. Jordan (1827-1xxx) - of Hawkinsville, GA.; became a colonel
3. Mary A Jordan (1821-1xxx) - married __ Batts
4. John A. (1819-1xxx)

Ann Bell Jordan (1815-1848)
spouse: Francis Tillman Tennille

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