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Letter - from Eleanor in Italy 1950s(?)

[original handwritten letter, two pages, four sides, with stationery heading in upper left corner of each page of ship with flag and text:]

Societa di navigazione

[printed text on upper right:]

m/n "Vulcania"

[text of letter:]

Flash: Boo surprised us by meeting the boat also Boots & Russell - so dumbfounded forgot to mail this yesterday – everyone fine - Can't believe I'm home & Reality!


Dear Sweetie

Were due in Halifax in an hour very foggy & dismal out my porthole. We've had a fun time aboard - the group aboard reminds me of Outward Bound there really are some characters - played bridge & read a lot - Norman won the Ping Pong Tournament and the Golf and the bridge - He was awarded 3 lovely prizes at a Gala dinner last evening. We've enjoyed the Tom Offutts from Baltimore - somehow related to Courteny Meyer (Lyon side) also a gay couple from Rome & the most charming American Counsel's wife from Naples - about 50 passengers - The food is gourmet & we have caviar or paté every night & so the twelve days has flown. Norman has lamb chops for breakfast. We've really had a fabulous vacation - it could not be improved upon. The wedding the most interesting of all from the point of view of being thoroughly Italian - every thing else we did I suppose was somewhat touristy but we've had the time of our lives - don't suspect another holiday like it - suppose from now on we'll have a child or two along - do hope in a couple years from now we can rent all our houses for the summer & spend it in Europe. Alie made our stay at the Cocumella very comfortable - She had just redone her bedroom & bath in time for our arrival & it is quite lovely - I felt like a Duchess in it. Every morning the little maid Conchetta would come in & make a fire in our corner fireplace - pull the blinds open the outside shutters & tell us "Good morning it's a lovely day" - she was always so fond of Joy - then breakfast arrived by two waiters & the day began.


Went ashore at Halifax - phoned home - Nurse was so surprised - all is well. Carla & Billy spent the weekend in our house - Gay amazed he could not speak English & he evidently amazed at Alexandra being only two & so smart - They took the Buick & left for N.Y. & Florida for a couple weeks - Nurse said there was so much snow on Thursday that the schools were closed. Nick meets us in the station wagon - we have so much luggage that Alie wanted over here - most of it empty as she & Gigi fly over in September & will go back by boat.

Don't know how I'm going to adjust to my former life & suppose Nurse will want a week off immediately - Boo is visiting the Laymans part of her vacation & I hear going to Nausea [sic] too - also Peter conveniently had himself invited nearby with a school mate - I like him in a way but not the MONOPOLY all the time...

I can't remember what I have written to you about the Sorrento part of the trip you will just have to clue me for any details forgotten - There were two Princesses - a Prince (kissed my hand & clicked his heels) & a Duke & a member of the Cologne family at the wedding - about 175 guests - an 8 course feast & finally the bride & groom departed at about 4:30 for Rome (a 3 hr drive) Alie & I collapsed into our apt. She a little sad but pleased - it was a lovely wedding.

Love - E


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