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Letter - to Eleanor, from a Joy descendant 1984

[original one-page typed letter:]

12236 Cherry Hills Dr. West
Sun City, AZ 85351

Nov. 10, 1984

Mrs. Eleanor Dix
Westhampton Beach, N.Y. 11978

The gentleman from NBC said that you, too, are a descendant of Thomas Joy, builder of the first State House in Boston.

As you can see, I am of that line, also, through Samuel Newell Joy who was born in Vermont, and who later moved to Wisconsin where my dad was born. Samuel had three sons and a daughter. I am the grand-daughter of his son, Charles Byron; daughter of Reuber Avery and one of my sunts [sic] traced the direct line from Samuel back to Thomas. I believe I am the 11th or 12th generation.

Over the years I have heard from Helen Lee Bourne, who was born a Joy, and who brought the whole family, as far as she was able, together in a very fine geneology. However, she died several years ago, and I have lost touch with whomever is carrying on her work, if ther[e] is such a person.

My husband and I have four sons - and two grand-daughters who have the Joy name - among the 10 grand-children total. We moved to Sun City in 1976, and my husband died last January. But I have grown accustomed to life in Arizona, and believe I will stay here. My sons and grandchildren all live in the Mid-west; three in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota.

I would be very interested in hearing of the direct line of your family, for, according to Helen Lee, we are all descended from Thomas Joy, who had a large number of suns [sic]. Do you have any idea of anyone carrying on the geneology, who might have an up-dated chart?


Helen Joy Dwinell


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