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Edward Dix (1616)
John Dix (1640)
John Dix (1672)
John Dix (1702)
Jonathan Dix (1745)
John Dix (1782)
Asa Clapp Dix (~1813)
John Edwin Dix (1816)
Mary Adelaide Dix (1819)
Edwin Augustus Dix (1860)
William Frederick Dix (1867)
Alison Joy Dix (1905)
Tennille Dix (1902)
Norman Brooke Dix (1909)
Eleanor Alice Dix (1941)
Joy Tennille Dix (1947)
Elizabeth Gay Brooke Dix (1952)
Ann Alexandra Dix (1957)

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Jonathan Dix (1745-xxxx)

Jonathan Dix of Waltham, Mass.
Private, Capt. Abraham Peirce's (Waltham) Co. called out by Col. Thomas Gardner on the alarm of April 19, 1775 to march to Concord and Lexington; service three days; company served as guards until Saturday the fourth day after the fight at Concord; also Capt. Abraham Peirce's Co. Col Samuel Thatcher's regiment; rations allowed from March 4 to March 8 1776; credited with five days allowance; company marched at request of Gen Washington at the taking of Dorchester Heights. "Mass, soldiers and sailors in the War of the Revolution". Vol. IV, p. 796

Jonathan Dix was born in Watertown March 23, 1745; died in Westown [sp.?].
His first wife was Sarah Vilas [sp.?] of Waltham, Mass. who was born July 8, 1747; they were married Jan. 14, 1768; she died Feb. 28, 1781.

He then married Mary Bullard of Westown, Mass. on Oct. 18, 1781 and moved to Westown in Nov. 1781, where his son John was born. Mary is buried at Medford, Mass. Mary Bullard was the mother of John Dix who was the father of John Edwin Dix.

Jonathan's children:
By his first wife Sarah:
1. Abigail, died 16 months
2. Abigail born Sept. 29, 1769
3. Stephen born Jan. 31, 1771.
4. Sally born May 7, 1773,
5. Susanna born May 8, 1775.
6. Jonathan born Feb. 2, 1777.
7. Lois born Jan. 21, 1779
8. Mary born Nov. 26, 1780
By his second wife Mary:
1. John born May 5, 1782;
2. Rhoda born July 4, 1784;
3. Ruth born Dec. 20, 1786;
4. Anna born May 23, 1790;
5. William born July 20, 1792;
6. Miranda born April 11, 1796;
7. Harvey born Nov. 7, 1798.



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